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  • Heyer Military has a 25 years lasting experience in wholesale of US military, textile good and equipment
  • Our contacts througout Europe enable us to offer qualified and up-to-date goods on lucrative terms
  • Of course we have the greater part original goods
  • Clients who want to search themselves for interesting goods in our large and well-stocked store are always welcome

1. You determine the quantity unit!
No minimum quantity acceptance.

2. You determine your purchase order value !
No minimum purchase order value.

3. You decide haw fast we supply!
24 hours of express service by UPS against surcharge

4. You decide when we supply.
Supply to the desired date

5. You decide where we supply!
Supply at desired adress

6. You have the right to return!
Return within 30 days.

Heyer Military stands for authority and efficiency !

To get a more exact picture from us, our enterprise and our achievements, we invite you to visit us.

For further information you can contact us any time: info@heyer-schleudersitz.de